• Annmarie Baranik

Is Supervised Visitation an Option for Parents?

The question here is Optional.  In all of my hundreds of cases as a supervised visitation monitors in Los Angeles only 2 of them have been optional.  Yes, they have voluntarily been monitored.  They volunteered to pay for me to be there to observe that they were a good parent.  I think it was a protection plan.  I believe the lawyers told them to do it.  For one it was a case of severe alienation, but for everyone monitoring is hard and uncomfortable at first. 

As an option, just as some people take a parenting class voluntarily and take it to the court to say, “ here is my class, I have done everything I can to make myself a better parent”, sometimes having a supervised visitation monitor can prove this.  I think the most important thing here is that you try everything.  You are willing to try and that is what matters.

As a supervised visitation Monitors in Los Angeles for so many years I realize it is important to not give up on your children no matter what obstacles the court or the other party throw at you.  It is difficult and hard to take sometimes.  It may not seem fair but you don’t want to look back and say you didn’t try everything you could.  Just rise above it and hang in there, it will end.  I have seen visits end, I have seen families repaired but it takes work. 

You will never change the other party, but you will have your time.  Just remember it isn’t always easy for a Supervised Visitation monitor to be there on your personal time also but they can be a voice for you and your children and you and can also be a friend when its over.  

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