• Annmarie Baranik

How Long Will My Visitation Be Supervised?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In cases involving child visitation, the judge may order supervised visitation if the non-custodial parent has a history of domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, psychological problems, or in situations where the safety of the child during visitations would otherwise be at stake. Supervised visitation allows the child and parent to have regular contact without jeopardizing the child’s safety or well-being. Supervised visitation monitors in Santa Barbara (and all other counties) are very aware of how difficult these visits may be at times and are trained to handle all scenarios.

Temporary Supervision

Typically, supervised visitation isn’t permanent. A judge might order supervised visitation for a few months, during which time the visitations will be observed. The monitor will take notes which could be reviewed by the court. These visits can occur in a public place, the court, or at a designated visitation center in the community. At the end of the period of supervised visitation, the judge may revisit the case and decide whether to continue the supervised visitation or lift the restriction.

If the visits are beneficial to the child, the restriction might be lifted all at once or gradually while the parent enjoys longer, more frequent, and less restrictive visitation with the child. If the visitations don’t go well or the non-custodial parent does not address certain problem behaviors or improve his or her parenting skills, the supervised visitation could continue.

At Legal Angels, we have had cases that have last as little as two weeks with Supervised visits and some that have lasted years. It all depends on how compliant you are with the judges orders and how well your visits are. We encourage visits to be as often as they say on the court order so that the child can grow a great bond with the non-custodial. This is all very important when going back to court and speaking to the Judge about getting off of Supervised Visitation. As long as you are following the orders from the Judge and having good visits with no issues, your time being Supervised may be very limited.

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