• Annmarie Baranik

Benefits of Using Child Visitation Monitoring Services in Los Angeles, California

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What are the benefits for my children? Supervised visits allow children to maintain a relationship with both parents, even when one parent does not have custodial rights. It also allows children to anticipate visits without the stress of wondering what is going to happen and to enjoy visiting with them in a safe, comfortable environment. It allows time to bond with the parent that they do not get to see as often and build a strong relationship. What are the benefits for the non-custodial parent? Supervised visits allows parents without custodial rights the opportunity to have regular, uninterrupted contact with their children. Because a monitor is always present during visits, parents are protected from future accusations or problems. Monitors are neutral and objective and document what actually occurs between you and your children during the visit. This is a good way to show the court that you are dedicated to being in your childs life and are making the right choices. What are the benefits for the custodial parent? As the custodial parent, you are free from having to communicate with or have contact with the other parent, and you can be assured that your child has a safe, monitored visit. You can request copies of the reports from each visit and see how your child is interacting with the non-custodial. This is very helpful in regards to future custody decisions made by the court.

At Legal Angels, we have Supervised many different types of relationships, from children apprehensive to going on the supervised visits with the non-custodial, to children who do not wish to leave the visit and who wish to go home with the non-custodial. It is amazing to get to see relationships build stronger between the child and the non-custodial. Sometimes, the visits are not as positive as those, though. Some children are not happy or open to seeing the non-custodial for any reason and those cases are a little bit more difficult, but they are all handled with the same amount of care from our monitors.

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