Everyone Needs a Shepherd: A Children's Guide to Supervised Visits

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"AnnMarie and Samantha!  Thank you so much for helping make it happen.  I really appreciate it".  

Sergy and Maxim

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More Than a Monitoring Service

While studying for her Masters in Psychology and a law degree AnnMarie Baranik CEO and founder of Legal Angels realized the need for a mediator to help the families she monitored.  She's developed a very niche program to help families going thru this.  As a Parenting Coordinator, she can help a family that is high conflict.  She is a member of SVN (the Supervised Visitation Network) and trained as a mediator with the Los Angeles City Attorneys Office. 

As a monitor, she has realized the importance of safety and a fun environment for children to thrive during a divorce and custody battle. AnnMarie's motto is "what is in the best interest of the child".   She is an experienced monitor with amazing staff to appeal to any case. Just download the App and schedule.  We are expanding and are in various cities in the United States.

Please contact our office and we will set up an intake appointment with you and your family.   Many visits can be done at a park or a normal outing.  For a controlled environment and 10$ extra, we are able to use the facilities at the Spectrum in Woodland Hills.  https://www.werockthespectrumagourahills.com




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