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SVN-Supervised Visitation Network
CPR-First Aid- Supervised Visitation Monitor Services Los Angeles CA

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What we do:


We provide a wide list of services for parents requiring professional monitoring services with their children nation-wide! Our process is designed to give you structure and answers in an uncertain time. All of our services provide documentation that is needed for court. Here is a quick list of services we provide:


New client intake process: 

This will be our initial conversation about your situation. We like to have this conversation with both parents. Get an understanding of the agreement, review court documents and decide a visitation schedule. This process is typically done with each parent individually.  


Monitored visitation:

We have a very flexible monitoring program with a wide range of monitors and scheduling options. Visits can be done in public places or we can arrange private visits, please contact us for more information.


Monitored Exchanges:

We understand the exchange of children with the other parent can be stressful or damaging to the children at times. For this we offer monitored exchanges. This service is an excellent way to keep both parties distance between each other and ensure your child’s safety. Also comes with documented notes that can be used in court if needed.


Court appearances: 

In many of these situations appearing in court is inevitable. We are happy to come to court and provide our experiences between you and your child. Provide supporting documentation on our visits and help to provide clarity to the court on the relationship between child and parent. 


Currently servicing the following area’s:

We are currently doing monitored visitation in California, New York, Connecticut, Texas and Nevada. 


Currently accepting new clients in all states and locations!

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